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Tunde Bakare Questions President Tinubu's Leadership Style and Ministerial Choices

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The Senior Pastor of Citadel Global Community Church, Pastor Tunde Bakare, has shared his view on the state of Nigeria, particularly focusing on President Tinubu's actions and decisions.

In an exclusive interview on the Daily Digest with Jimi Disu, the fiery preacher criticized President Tinubu for "impulsive" decisions, such as the fuel subsidies removal.

He said: “Asiwaju Bola Ahmed  Tinubu had served as governor and a Senator. In leadership, one would expect that in matters like subsidy, one should think through before one acts.

“Definitely, he acted on impulse and the consequences are very unbearable to every Nigerian.”

Pastor Bakare also disapproved of the president’s response to the coup in Niger.

He quoted Charles Caleb Colton, saying that those who make the loudest threats are the weakest in executing them.

He argued that Niger is a sovereign state that should be allowed to address its problems as it sees fit.

Pastor Bakare suggested that Nigeria and ECOWAS should have opted for negotiations.

“The approach is totally wrong,” he said.

“It's putting the cart before the horse again. You threaten them and then you send peacemakers.”

Pastor Bakare expressed his disappointment with the choice of President Tinubu’s cabinet members.

He felt that many of them were selected as a means of compensation rather than on merit.

“With the vigor and resources poured into this election by the Jagaban Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, I would not expect the people he gathered together and called ministers.

“I would have expected that there would be some people that even the mention of their name begins to bring order to the society.”

Speaking further he said: “ook at some of the screening exercises; as the exercise went on, it was a joke.

“With the exception of a person like Wale Edun and a few others, the rest, I don't think they're stakeholders, I think they're just spectators.”

He is, however, optimistic that the ministers would provide valuable advice to the president.


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