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What is Responsible for Multidimensional Poverty in Nigeria?

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There is the assumption that corruption and corrupt leaders are the key and only factors responsible for the poor state of things in Nigeria.

From education to health care, security to the economy, and even sports, Africa's most populous nation seem to be taking a battering. 

Factor in the abundance of natural resources in the country, and incomprehensible becomes the description of her reality. 

If the seeming hardship persists, slipping behind in the rankings as a developing nation - if not staying stagnant - is more attainable than the overemphasized quest to be a developed state.

It is often said leaders should take the fall for bad governance; however, does the buck stop at the feet of those in the upper echelons of power?

How did Nigeria get to a place of impoverishment 62 years after independence? How do we get out of it?

If we are to suss out a way from here to a better place, if not paradise yet; a critical look at how we found ourselves here, to begin with, is imperative. 

On the Sunny Side with Joyce Onyemuwa, callers share their thoughts on the debilitating factors responsible for continued poverty in the country. 

Could the mentality of the average Nigerian be the biggest yet? 

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