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What Jobs Can You Not Do?

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Everyone wants a job, right? There are jobs and there are "jobs", so they say. However, have you ever thought some jobs are not just meant for you?

In the wake of tough economic changes or realities, Joyce Onyemuwa sought to find out on the Sunny Side show if the social construct which says "some jobs are not meant for a woman/man" still applies.

Simply put, what job can you not be caught dead doing, and why?

"Male chauvinism, any man that says he cannot do a job a woman is doing is irresponsible," said one caller.

A tad too unfair a statement to make, maybe? Can a case be made for the difference in physical attributes between a man and a woman?

Watch video to get one caller's explanation as to why the kitchen is the last place you will find him and why women should go to war.

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