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Why Ex-Governors Retire to the Senate

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The reason(s) why former governors in Nigeria are eager to become senators may not be far fetched to the average Nigerian, but one particular answer could easily pass for a general consensus.

Constitutional Lawyer Liborous Oshoma believes the reality of becoming "irrelevant" in the political scene is the paramount reason that fuels the senatorial desire in most ex-governors. 

This summation he made while in conversation with Mary-Ann Duke Okon and Stretch on Whaats Up Lagos. 

According to the him, the Senate seems to be like a "fall back plan."

"Politics is a big time occupation now in Nigeria, that is why senate seems to be like a fall back plan," said the Chief Attorney.

He added "Unlike the Senate; you can't be a governor for more than eight years, but for the senate you can be there at infinitum. And being a governor, you wouldn't want to go a step lower than being a senator.

  "Everybody can't become a president, that's why the senate seems very attractive. Here, once you are out of power, you become irrelevant."

While expatiating on the primary duties of Senators -which he affirms to includes making laws, oversight and appropriation - Liborous noted that even that responsibility has become a tool to their benefit. 

The reason for that he says is the "hunger in the land."

Watch the video for more analysis.


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