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What Were The Wildest Stories Of 2021?

Hard Facts With Sandra Ezekwesili

Monday, December 27th, 2021 - 44 minutes

📌We had the Federal Government budgeting N600million for security dogs at the airport.

📌Lai Mohammed said bandits charging ransom are just like Area Boys taxing the neighborhood.

📌Thugs used a Caterpillar to destroy the E-Callup Gate at the Apapa Port.

📌Amaechi said people in the Buhari administration are now hiding to steal money, because they fear the President.

📌Abba Kyari said he just connected Hushpuppi to a good tailor.

📌Nigeria’s Olympians didn’t have enough jerseys, and had to wash them in their bathrooms.

📌The National Assembly Complex had a leaking roof.

📌Governor Sanwo-Olu told us to keep safe in traffic by winding up.

📌Robbers attacked Buhari’s Chief Of Staff’s home.

📌Nigerians called President Buhari a medical tourist.

📌Governor Masari of Katsina said Nigeria attracts kidnappers from other countries because our economy is booming.

📌Lagos State passed a law that could send parent to prison if their children join cults.

📌And a Commissioner in Anambra State resigned because corruption in the Government was too much for him to endure.

#NigeriainfoHF | Sandra Ezekwesili

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