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2023: To Which Zone Should the Vice Presidential Slot Go?

Following last week's emergence of party flag bearers ahead of the 2023 presidential election, attention has turned to the matter of the "Sheriff's Deputy" for Africa's most populous nation.

By dint of the country's electoral process, a political party selects a running mate for its presidential candidate based on the party's laws, hence the emergence of the country's vice president. 

With talks of zoning ditched during the party primaries, it is unsurprising that it has risen to the front burner right now.

Will it sway this time? 

According to reports, there have been continued calls from the leaders of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) in the South-Eastern part of the country to the party's leadership to stem out seeming marginalization of the region. 

Simply put, these calls suggest the vice presidential slot should be ceded to the region in the wake of its failed attempt at getting the presidential ticket. 

On the Sunny Side show, Joyce Onyemuwa probed at the strengths and flaws of this argument.  

Should the vice-presidential position be down to the preference of the party and its presidential candidate or zoned to the South? She asked. 

"Did they (the Igbos) reposition themselves to even be given that vice position in the first place?" One caller questioned. 

She said, "They have lost the chance of even getting the vice president slot, it's as if it is the other people that backed Atiku and all that.

"How will they now come back to say they want the vice president slot," she asked.  

For another caller though, "the Igbos do not know the politics of Nigeria."

Watch the video for her explanation and more interesting takes on this.


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