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A Dead Woman Struck Me, I Fell Ill Physically

A sign, a warning, or just pure coincidence? What really are dreams?

Revelations, Maybe?

The existence of a connection -or lack of it- between the realm of the spirit and the physical (real life) is continuously hotly debated.

And fueled by science, faith, or religious backgrounds, there appear to be equal, if not good enough arguments for both sides of the divide.

Why do we dream? What makes dreams anything but conviviality between two realms?

One man's experience maybe could put more flesh to the bones of this subject.

Speaking to Joyce Onyemuwa on the Sunny Side, a caller on the hunt for answers sought to know the next step after a feisty encounter in "dreamland."

According to him, he recently fell sick after being hit on the back by a woman who had died a long time ago in a dream.

"The same spot started aching me, I felt sick and went to the hospital; they treated me for malaria and I came back.

"I have done everything for that pain to go away but it has refused to go away", he explained.

"But you understand what's happened to you, right?" Joyce asked in reply.

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