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Abba Kyari: Corruption In Nigeria Is Blown Out Of Proportion - Caller 

“There is corruption everywhere in the world, but there is always an overreaction in Nigeria.” This is the view of a caller who spoke to Joyce Onyemuwa on the Sunny Side show. 

Reacting to the Abba Kyari arrest, he insisted that there was no uniformity in dealing with corruption cases, describing the Kyari situation as an over-exaggeration. 

“For people making it seem like corruption is synonymous with Nigeria, they need to be educated, the only difference between Nigeria and other countries is impunity,” he remarked. 

However, there were several rebuttals to the caller’s argument.

Watch video to find out what Joyce said in response, plus how can lessons be learnt when there are no repercussions according to another caller.


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