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At What Age Can You Leave Your Child At Home Unsupervised?

Leaving a child alone, even with capable adult supervision, is not always easy for parents. 

There are laws that determine what the final decision will be regarding leaving your child at home, depending on the society you are living in. 

But is there an unwritten rule as to when is the right time? If there is, this week's Dear Bunmi's addressee didn't get the memo.

The correspondent, Nneka (not real name), wrote asking for advice after her husband refused to allow their 17-year-old son to remain at home unsupervised while they were out of town. 

According to her, her husband would prefer their son stay with his sister until they return. She doesn't like his idea; she thinks her son will do just fine by himself unsupervised by anyone. 

The host of the Daily Digest, Jimi Disu, said after reading out the letter that he believes Nneka's son might have negative vices that only the father is aware of and he doesn't want to share these vices with his wife. 

He also agreed with the father that at 17, the boy is still too young to be left alone at home, adding that it shouldn’t even be debatable.

Do you also agree with the dad that 17 is too young to leave a child home unsupervised while the parents are out of town?


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