Bamise: Dealing with Security in Nigeria

The death of Bamise Ayanwole, the 22-year-old, who was allegedly raped and murdered in a Lagos Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) continues to generate public outcry.

In the wake of the unfortunate incident, the state of safety and security in the country has once again been called to question. 

On the Sunny Side show, host Joyce Onyemuwa sought to dissect the reason(s) for the vulnerability of the society to security matters.

For her, the fact that Bamise ended up dead now, maybe, provokes a seeming attempt from all to do something about it for justice's sake. This she says is "nuanced."

"For a case of rape for example, it does quite appear that there are some people who still think it is ok to mock the victim, to chastise them and further humiliate an already humiliated person," the visibly upset Joyce said.

"It's as though we have not become a people with enough courage to go after the enemy of the consciousness of society, it's as though we have not found the will to uphold what we want to be the law which should govern everyone, but also the dignity of the nation which serves everyone," she added.

Watch video for the rest of her riveting summation.


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