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Conductor vs Passenger: Where is Your Money?

It is hard to say throughout the course of your life until now, you haven't been faced with the one pickle that is pretty much synonymous with the city of Lagos.

You wake up in the morning, get all dressed up, pack up and head out hoping for a great day; and then suddenly, boom!

Lights out! You're numb!

That awkward, brain-setting, ego-deflating, heat-generating, devil-is-a-liar kind of moment when the conductor says, "owo e da?" (Where is my money?)

Ordinarily, this should be anything but a worry, right?

You dip your hand into your wallet and hand the gentleman the appropriate naira note(s). 

Only this time, there is no money.

What's worse? You had only five minutes earlier given him a dressing down for what you deemed to be his "unrefined" attitude for a separate incident.

A quick glance at him barkingly reveals he is quite ready to serve you that egg-on-face moment without hesitation.

Exciting day?

How would you feel in that moment? Better yet, what would you do?

Mary-Ann Duke Okon and Stretch were on the hunt for answers to this funny, yet serious situation on this edition of Whaats Up Lagos. 

The reactions from callers couldn't be more "egg-citing".

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