Diesel Prices: There is a Global Agenda -Caller

"There is nothing we (Nigerians) can do about the hike in the price of petroleum products." 

This is the view of a caller who said the current situation with diesel in the country is only "about to get worse."

According to reports, the hike in the price of diesel and other petroleum products has led to a large number of filling stations across the country going out of business.

This situation could lead to more challenges across board if nothing is done about it, based on antecedent.

Speaking on the Sunny Side with Joyce Onyemuwa, the caller said "Nigeria needs to start looking at alternatives," like the rest of the world.

"There is no messiah that is coming to bring the prices down. This is not just a Nigerian thing.

"It only makes sense knowing that there is a global agenda for 2030 to cut down carbon emissions to zero."

He added, "Instead of lamenting, they need to start looking at alternatives. It will be so bad to plan the next ten years based on proceeds from crude oil."

However, another caller disagreed. 

For him, the fact that Nigeria, unlike other countries, has got these resources in abundance should be central to our reality as a nation. 

With 75% of filling stations in the capital, Abuja, out of business due to their inability to purchase diesel required to power their tankers and transport petrol thereafter according to reports, how best do we tackle the situation in the short term?

Watch the video for more as both callers proffer solutions.


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