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Does My Husband Want His Widowed Sister-in-law?

Mobola is worried about the newfound closeness between her husband and his bereaved sister-in-law.

According to her story, the whole closeness started when her brother in law (her husband’s brother) sadly passed on a year ago.
As a family, she felt he was just trying to comfort his sister-in-law by caring for her.She also thought her husband felt he owed it to his brother to make sure she was fine.
However, she is starting to dislike the situation.This is because her husband is always at her place and always sorting things out for her.

According to her, he now spends more time with her than he spends in his own home.

Mobola wants to speak up, but she feels like saying something could come across as a heartless woman who resents him helping his widowed sister-in-law. What should she do?


Daily Digest Host, Jimi  Disu and his guest, Ayeni discussed Mobola’s case and tried to proffer a solution.


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