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Don't Force Your Children To Be Right-Handed - Psychiatrist

It is wrong to force a left-handed child to become right-handed. This is the position of Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr. Gbonjubola Abiri.

The Medical Expert sounded this warning while fielding questions on 'Myths About the Left Hand' on WhaatsUp Lagos show with the Tekes.

According to her, "When you start to meddle with what is or what they (left handers) have known, you are actually moving the function of the brain from where nature has said it should be to the flip side.

"Then they start to struggle with seemingly little things," she added.

While she acknowledges this myth is not peculiar to the Nigerian and African culture, Dr. Gbonjubola further stressed the need for education to correct this wrong notion.

She said, "It is not as if they don't have this hand (the right hand), it's just that they decided that is the hand they want to be their dominant hand. Education will change the narrative.

"If someone hands you a million dollars with the left hand, are you telling me you won't collect it?" she joked.


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