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E-Naira: CBN Is Not Taking Responsibility For Cyber Security Issues – Tech Reviewer

The Central Bank of Nigeria will not take responsibility for cyber security issues with the E-Naira. This revelation was made by Tech Reviewer Fisayo Fosudo on the Techie Talk segment of Whaats Up Lagos with the Tekes. 

According to Fisayo, while cyber security issues like phishing remains a possibility with the E-Naira, the likelihood is however slim. 

“The CBN is not taking any responsibility if anything like that happens to you, that’s the thing that exists.”

“It is possible for something like that to happen because it is on the internet, but I don’t see that happening,” he said. 

While shedding more light on what the Digital currency is about, the Tech expert says the E-Naira is “cost saving for the government.”

He also moved to allay fears of “control” by the CBN over the users of the Digital Currency. 

However, one caller is not interested in the E-Naira. For him, the government is only always on the lookout for themselves.  

“I would rather stick to cryptocurrency than the E-Naira,” he said.

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