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Family Values: Should They Be Strict Or Flexible?

The strength and bond of a family can pretty much be said to be embedded in its values and principles. It is not just what knits them together as individuals, it is also what sets them apart from other families

To that end, what should birth these values and how nonnegotiable should these principles be?

Speaking to the Tekes on the Family Talk segment of What's Up Lagos, a caller says they can be both, but for a reason.

She said, "Values can be strict or flexible depending on the impact or benefit(s) to individuals in the family."

"The family wouldn't have one value, there are values of different aspects of life, hence some may be strict while others may be flexible."

For another caller, "balance" is key putting societal beliefs into consideration.

Andrea, however paints an interesting scenario to help Collins answer this tricky question.

Watch the video to find out how she almost boxed him to a corner.


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