Fuel Price Increase: Behold the Reality of Nigerians

Who hasn't felt the pinch?

The recent price increase and/or scarcity of fuel continues to generate reaction from Nigerians. 

As endless is the queues that now decorate the roads leading to fuel stations across the country, so is the level of dissatisfaction of Nigerians who have to deal with this new situation. 

Worthy of note is the far-reaching consequences of this reality on the lives of everyday Nigerians.

Even "seismic" as a word could be an understatement if you had to describe it. 

There is no gainsaying adjustments are on a large scale for individuals, households and businesses now. But to what degree has the shift hit?

A thorough assessment of things was priority for Joyce Onyemuwa on the Sunny Side. 

How have you been affected? She asks.

"Since over five weeks now, we are not smiling. I am even thinking of selling the building," a hotel owner laments. 

He added, "Nobody dares to change the price of their room, if you dare it, you will run at a loss." 

Another business owner seem worst hit. 

Buying diesel at N900 per little is anything but an option for him. 

Refusing to buy at that price at the detriment of your business? 

He explained which of the choices he had to pick?

Watch the video to find out, as well as how the hotel owner has had to change things for his customers.


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