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How Do Families Resolve Their Conflicts?

Conflicts are a part of everyday life. We don't want to live life with them, but we can't live life without them.

An old adage says the best way to deal with conflicts is to walk away from them. But do those "wise words" apply when it has to do with the family? 

The Tekes sought to find out the reasons for conflicts in families, their impact, and the best way of resolving them in this edition of the Family Talk segment of Whaats Up Lagos. 

A caller summed her thoughts in the wise words of her daughter.

She said, "My daughter told me that because the family setup is an enforced one; until we learn how to create friendship in it, we can't get the best out of it."

Could anything be more true?

For Andrea, "the responsibility of learning the skill of conflict resolution in families lies squarely on parents." 

From the man who reckons there are certain conflicts even God is disinterested in resolving, to the woman who is not on talking terms with her twin sister, callers shared their experiences.


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