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I am Paying for My Sins Against My Ex

A lot is known and has been said about life; its beauty, curves, and even principles.

Call it karma, fate, or even the circle of life, and you wouldn't be wrong when it comes to life's reward system.

In today's edition of Confessions Thursday on the Sunny Side, that old saying by Olivier Goldsmith about "living to fight another day" was better explained through the lenses of one man's current predicament.

Simply put, you will get served somehow in life.

Georges (not his real name) denied being responsible for his ex-girlfriend's pregnancy because he thought he was young and free.

Many years later, a not-so-young Georges wishes the only mistake he made was not owning up to his duties.

Sharing his ordeal with Joyce Onyemuwa, he narrated how years ago, he abused the mother of his child when he got the news he was about to become a father.

"I beat her black and blue and chased her away with a knife," revealed Georges.

As expected, life wasn't going to let him get away with that. Or should I say his ex-girlfriend?


"I used to be a big boy, but now nothing is working for me," he lamented.

What is the connection?

Piece together your thoughts only after watching his full confession in the video.


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