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I Don't Want to Be Single but I'm Afraid of Getting Married

Ever wanted something bad but are afraid of the baggage that comes with it?

Do you wish the grass can be as green on both sides of the divide?

I bet you have at some point thought about the possibility of eating your cake and having it for keeps still, right?

We all get caught between our head and heart sometimes, but we are still not absent the responsibility of making choices constantly regardless of their difficulty.   

This apprehension is the current sticking point for Omobolanle (not her real name.)

Speaking to Joyce Onyemuwa on Confessions Thursday on the Sunny Side, she shares her wishes and fears as concerns marriage having once been married. 

"I used to be married but left because we had no children," she explains.

"I'm not a baby anymore, I'm 45 now and by September I will be 46 years old and I am afraid of the unknown." 

"For being single, pressure will be on me while for being married, I don't want to be a second wife neither do I want to be a side-chick."

For her, it's simple; "people that are faithful are either single or married."

So what to do? She complainingly sighs. 

"How can you want something and you are already a problem before a problem comes?" Joyce retorts. 

Watch the video as they both go head-to-head over their stand on the subject of marriage.


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