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I Like My "Baby Daddy" But I'm In Love with My Ex

"It seems as though you allowed fate choose for you; and now that you have been chosen for, something else has to determine the outcome."

To what scenario do you think these words could possibly apply as a response?

Whatever your thoughts may be, there is a possibility you thought up something of a complicated situation.

That was Joyce Onyemuwa's response to Ann (not her real name) whose world can be said to be that (complicated) right now.

She needs to make a decision; one that can be regarded as a correction to an earlier decision and also a move for the future. 

Writing to Joyce Onyemuwa on Confessions Thursday on the Sunny Side, she explains how her "baby daddy" and her ex-boyfriend evoke different levels of emotions in her.  

"It started in 2019; I have this boyfriend that I loved so much and we dated for two years before I relocated to another area in Lagos," she began.

Watch the video for the full confession.


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