I Want My Abusive Wife Back - Caller

Joyce Onyemuwa listened to the confession of a caller, Paul(Not real name), a victim of domestic violence, on this edition of Confession Thursday.

Paul tells Joyce of how his wife of 18 months, molests and batters him at the slightest provocation, and refuses to do some housework (which he did not see as a problem since he enjoys doing it).

The situation escalated when he, on a fateful day, hit her back after she had hit him. His greatest surprise was when she parked out of the house never to return. Since then, she been labelling him as an abuser to every ear that cared to listen.

The interesting thing is that despite all this, he still wants her back because he loves her and does not believe she is violent, despite his story contradicting this.

In addition to advising him to stay away from violence, Joyce had a lot to say to him. It's not really clear if he will be taking her advice.

Watch the conversation below:



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