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Immunity While In Office In Nigeria: Yes Or No?

With the Senate and House of Representatives on Tuesday voting on 68 proposed amendments to the 1999 constitution, one of those legislations has come under intense scrutiny by Nigerians.

A bill seeking to grant immunity to members of both states and federal legislature had passed second reading at the House of Reps back in February 2020.

For it to be successful, two-third membership of the entire Senate (House) is required.

However, callers who spoke to Joyce Onyemuwa on the Sunny Side in reaction to the news, are dissatisfied with this move.

"I condemn the immunity," said one caller, "the immunity that they have is already okay" he affirmed. 

Currently, only the president, vice-president, the 36 Governors and their deputies enjoy immunity.

In his reaction, a caller argues that while the persons occupying these positions may not be deserving based on credibility, their offices however, does.

Watch video for more reaction from callers as they argue for and against the move.




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