Insecurity in Nigeria: Better Than in 2015?

Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed on Monday reiterated that the government's fight against insecurity in the country has produced positive results. 

This comes in the wake of an attack by terrorists on a train bound for Kaduna from Abuja, which left eight of over 900 passengers dead, 28 hospitalized, and others unaccounted for.

On the Sunny Side, show host Joyce Onyemuwa sought to find out if security in the country at the moment is better or worse off than it was back in 2015.

Furthermore, in what context would success - as described by Lai Mohammed - be applicable in the Nigerian situation as regards insecurity?

According to one caller, "Nigerians lives do not have value for our leaders" simply put. 

However, another caller thinks Lai Mohammed's assertion is true and should be accepted.

"It is all politics," she explains.

Watch video for her defense, as well as callers who rebuffed her for her view.


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