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Insecurity in Nigeria: Our Constitution the Reason Why - Rtd. Commodore

It appears the Nigerian Constitution is not the national treasure one would have thought it was meant to be.

Over the years, this "rule of law" has taken a hit, if not a hiding from the public for its supposed "inadequacies."

The latest of those criticisms has come from  a former security chief who says it is one of the reasons for the country being "where we are."

Retired Naval Commodore, Kunle Adewunmi has fingered the constitution in the latest security challenges hounding the country to debilitating effect. 

This he revealed in conversation with Joyce Onyemuwa on the Sunny Side.

According to him, it is one of three things governing our current reality as a nation. 

"Three things govern why we are here today, first is the Nigerian Constitution (as amended in 1999)," began the retired Commodore. 

He added, "The second thing that brought us here is the Nigerian Defence Policy and the third is the practitioners, they are the ones that brought us here." 

A fact or a supposition, something remains askew still putting into consideration the government's efforts to combat insecurity in Nigeria. 

Why should calls suggesting that the government is not doing enough be an unfair summation? Joyce pressed further.

The "democratic process" in Nigeria has a role to play according to the Commodore.

He explains in detail in the video.


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