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Ladies, Stop Playing God In Relationships - Caller Warns

When does delay become denial? Could it (delay) also be taken for a blessing? How soon or  far gone is seven years? These are some of the big questions racing through the mind of Osas, a young lady in need of big answers to her relationship dilemma.

Osas has been in a relationship with her fiancee for seven years, but her partner is yet to ask her to marry him. Furthermore, she faces mounting pressure from her family who are starting to think it may be time to move on.

What to do? The Tekes ask on the Family Clinic segment of WhaatsUp Lagos.

For one caller, there is no need to panic because too much has been invested.

"As long as she is comfortable, let her just focus and watch the man, seven years is not easy," he advised.

Another caller however, it is convinced is a sign. 

She said, "Men are not people of many words, their actions tell you everything."

"Most times, ladies want to play God, the handwriting is on the wall yet you want to be told. What else does she want to hear?"

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