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Men Not Women Should Take Contraceptives

Table Talk host, Wemimo Adewuni has argued that men should bear the burden of taking contraceptives instead of women as currently, widely accepted.

In a monologue on her show, Adewuni stated that a woman can have just one to five babies in nine months, but a man can shoot up to 1500 sperms per second. This means a man can make many babies in nine months.

Based on the premise she asked, “who then should be taking contraceptives?”.

Responding, population control expert, Dr. Abimbola Olatunji, who was a guest on the show, explained that society has made men believe that the woman should protect herself during sexual intercourse when the same should apply to the man.

Dr Olatunji explained how these narratives can be changed. Watch part of the conversation below>>>>



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