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My Girlfriend and Her Mother Are Both Pregnant for Me

What would you say is the most difficult situation a man can ever find himself? 

You would probably paint a situation that describes being caught between the devil and the deep sea. 

However, and for what it's worth, how much thoughts or reflection goes into the events that bring one to a pickle once there?  

"When we lack discipline, then we become a pawn in the devil's game."

These were the words of Sunny Side host Joyce Onyemuwa to a caller who not only finds himself in a quandary but is now also on the run.

Mark (not his real name) should be happy he is about to become a father. He should be elated knowing he is about to have more than one child too. 

Speaking on Confessions Thursday, he confesses to Joyce why that good news has turned to a nightmare. 

"A mother and a daughter are both pregnant for me," explains Mark. 

For him, this wasn't a choice he made, "it just happened."

Watch the video as he explains why and how this happened. He also shares the decision of one of the women.


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