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My Wife's Dressing Leaves Me Very Suspicious

Fears; we all have them. They leave our minds in doubt, our souls weary, and our next move second-guessed.

And when those fears are backed by suspicions, then our trust becomes even more fickle.

When it comes to the ones we have affection for, they (fear and suspicion) are as unneeded as they are unavoidable.

Ifeanyi (not his real name) cannot help himself avoid the worry he does not need.

His dear wife's way of dressing up is a little "too hot" for comfort, so he reckons. 

Sharing his story with Joyce Onyemuwa on Confessions Thursday on Sunny Side, he reveals why he keeps losing sleep.

"Anytime she dresses and goes out, my mind is never at rest and I am always worried.

"Sometimes when she answers her calls and I ask her who it was, she would say it is her customer", he complained.

Signs of cheating or unnecessary brooding for Ifeanyi?

And then there is her past life that stokes the flames of suspicion, rather than douses the fire.

Watch the video for his full confession. 


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