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Nigeria, A Buffet of Corruption - Electoral Analyst

The clearest indication yet as to why politics in Nigeria is generally regarded as corrupt and many more may have been revealed if the words of a Chief of the Electoral College Nigeria are to be believed.

Executive Director of the institution, Kunle Lawal believes the political landscape in the country is a product of the values upheld by the average Nigerian. 

Speaking to Mary-Ann Duke Okon and Stretch on Whaats Up Lagos, the social commentator opined that "we create the politicians we have."

He said, "The corruption in politics has broken into governance, not the corruption in governance that has broken into politics.

"We built a corrupt system that cannot produce anyone who's smarter in governance, and we fed this thing.

"For instance, the average Nigerian thinks it is cheap to print posters, but except you're in politics you would not know it's more expensive to paste those posters than to print them", revealed Kunle.

"For me, Nigeria is generally just a buffet of corruption, and everybody is waiting for their turn to collect 'goat meat", summated Kunle.

How did we get here, however? To a place where money politics et al is primary.

Kunle, citing an instance with the late Obafemi Awolowo and the Action Group Party back in 1969, explains why maintaining this status quo might be easier than bucking the trend.  


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