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Quiet Quitting: What are the Signs of Depression at Workplaces?

One of the world's biggest problems today is the battle to keep the high rate of depression cases and suicide ideation under control .

Another is the high cost of living caused by inflation and made even tougher by unemployment. 

But it seems employment itself is another cause for depression.

Dr Celine Njoku PhD, the vice president of the Counselling Association of Nigeria (CASSON) has shed more light on this. 

Speaking with Mary-Ann Duke Okon and Stretch on Whaats Up Lagos, she explained how and why quiet quitting - borne out of workplace depression - could be anything but a misnomer. 

She also expatiated the signs of depression for employees. 

"When you are no longer happy at your workplace; when you are highly irritated, unsatisfied and not getting it right; when the production is low, and instead of you being cheerful and taking simple corrections, you are angry and incorrigible, at that time you are depressed", explained the medical expert.

But could people suffering from depression themselves tell they are? How could colleagues and employers also know their friends and employees are depressed?

Furthermore, what's the best way to handle it? 

"Employers of labour and colleagues are the causative agents of workplace depression", remarked the counselling psychologist.

She explains more in the video. Click to watch.


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