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Sex Education: How to Have the Talk as a Single Parent

Arguably one of the big challenges for parents is equipping their children with the needed information on sex education.

However, as important as this is, it appears that not enough is been done to get them (children) ready for the "wild."

Worthy of mention is the notion that having "the talk" is even more difficult for single parents (especially fathers) as compared to their nuclear counterparts.

Is that argument viable however?

Not according to Child Sex Education Coach, Irene Bangwell who reckons there is still a lot that can be done to salvage the situation. 

While in conversation with Mary-Ann Okon on Whaats Up Lagos, She says building a relationship with your children that encourages them to be open with you is non negotiable. 

She also says fathers participation is sex education in families is best for driving home the point.

"It is heartbreaking when someone says they were abused for four, five years and my parents didn't know.

"One of the things I tell parents is before you start having the talk, build the relationship, it is the fuel for it."

While further expatiating on the subject, Irene reveals why values are a given, the steps to take for single parents and the role of other family members when having the conversation on sex education. 

Watch the video for more.


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