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Should I Reconcile with My Mum?

Life really is hard, and it gets even harder without the love and support of family I dare say. 

Bimpe (not her real name) is a person with disability (PWD), and also a single mother. After getting pregnant for a runaway boyfriend, she was discouraged from getting an abortion, only to face ill treatment and mental abuse from all, especially her mother.

With a child to fend for, constant suicide ideation, discrimination and destitution to deal with as well, she has now reached her breaking point.

"I have no joy; peace; I was just alone on my own crying, begging God to have favour on me," a distraught Bimpe explains to the Tekes on Family Clinic on Whaats Up Lagos.

What should she do now? She asks.

Watch video to get the reaction and suggestions from callers.


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