Social Media Regulation: Nigerian Government And Misplaced Priorities Are “5 & 6” – Caller

There are more pressing matters for the Nigerian government to address rather than focus on the regulation of social media use in the country. This is the stand of a caller who doesn’t see this move by the Federal Government as a positive one

Speaking on the Sunny Side, the caller questioned the reason behind the decision and called for other important matters to be resolved.

“I don’t know why the Nigerian government and misplaced priorities are five and six honestly speaking,” she lamented.

Could our social media consumption here in Nigeria induce violence in the country putting all factors into consideration?

Recall that the Anti-social Media Bill was introduced by the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on 5 November 2019 to criminalize the use of the social media in peddling false or malicious information.

Watch video to hear a caller explain for and against social media regulation and why the insurrection in the USA could be a possible reason for trepidation for the government.  


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