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The E-Naira: Nigerians React

The E-Naira, introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria is still dominating conversation on the country’s financial space. 

Nigeria’s Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), had gone live after an official launching by President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday. The launch took place at the State House in Abuja after an earlier plan to unveil the digital currency on October 1 was shelved.

However, the move – fueled by the need for financial inclusion as explained by the Central Bank - is yet to be accepted by many in the country for various reasons ranging from lack of trust to misplaced priorities on the part of the government. 

Speaking to the Tekes on Techie Talk, one caller questioned the need for the E-Naira. For him, there are better things for the government to worry about. 

“There are better things to disturb themselves about,” he said. “There are bad roads, food prices are rising everyday, there’s traffic all over and they are bringing up E-Naira. Which money are people going to use to download and put into the E-Naira?” He questioned. 

One caller who lauded the move as a “nice concept” however questioned the lack of “sensitization” about it.

Watch video for more reaction.


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