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Touching Stories of People Dealing with Depression and Suicide Ideation

Life has got its beauty and its curves.

Its struggles tests your mettle, its depth your wits and its continuity your endurance. 

Little wonder why that old line about it (life) and lemons; "When life throws you lemons, make lemonades," right?

One of society's biggest struggles is with the rise in depression and suicide ideation cases. Reason for this ranges from societal pressure to mental health and even self deprecation.

Yet, successes have equally been recorded when it comes to survival from the said subject. 

On the Sunny Side show, host Joyce Onyemuwa was on the hunt for those stories. 

She sought to unearth the untold chronicles behind the burden which weighed on people's hearts, driving them to the edge. 

What got you into depression and how are you recovering from it? She asks.

We picked out two for you. Watch video for some real life experiences.


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