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True Confession: We Force Them to Sleep With Us to Marry Them -Caller

You would reckon there is only one universal and morally acceptable way of choosing a wife for all those (men) saddled with that responsibility, huh?

Apparently, that doesn't quite appear to be the case anymore. 

After all, different strokes for legion folks, right? 

That odd revelation was discovered this day on Confessions Thursday on the Sunny Side.

Justin (not his real name) is not sure what to think about what women want. This is after he attempted an unusual strategy for selecting a wife very, many years ago.

Narrating his story to Joyce Onyemuwa, he reveals how he and his friends came up with this plan, and how it worked for them.

Unfortunately for him, thunder failed to strike at the same spot twice.

"In my own case, I had a girl and followed similar pattern," he began.

"I actually took her to distant hotel; I felt that maybe I wanted to be sure.

"I could have actually slept with her but I didn't; she was skeptical," Justin revealed.

Isn't that a good thing? Quipped Joyce.

Years on, and topping that for absurdity, that failed experience has left Justin at sea.

"Sometimes I do wonder; are women better entrapped or is it better to give them a choice?" He questioned.

Watch the video for his full confession, as well as Joyce's response.



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