True Confession: Why I Want to Sleep with My Girlfriend's Sister

Heinous, beyond the pale, and utterly repugnant; what "crime" could best be described with these words put together?

It is not uncommon for a man to be attracted to more than one woman and vice versa; it is equally not a rarity for people to make mistakes when choosing partners in relationships.

However, what is unforgivable as it is despicable on all fronts would be being emotionally attached to a woman whose mother gave birth to the other woman you are constantly lusting after. 

Sadly, even this condemnable feeling is maybe not an extinct creature in the room of morality and standards these days. 

So what crime really birth the strong words that began this write-up? 

At the risk of sounding very judgemental, it clearly is a fact that Charles (not his real name) is the man that must stand trial in this case of the Offender vs the State.

Sharing his untold story with Joyce Onyemuwa on Confessions Thursday on the Sunny Side, he reveals how he finds himself constantly seeking by means of fantasy that he hopes will become a reality someday, inappropriate carnal knowledge of his girlfriend's younger sister.

"She's so sexy and I don't know how to get over her," he began. 

"She's my type, she's cool, she got everything there and this figure that turns me on.

"I love her sister but crushing over the younger one," he admits.


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