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Twitter Ban Lifting, The Biggest Tech Prediction For 2022 – Marketing Specialist 

The year 2021 may be near its end, but that hasn’t stopped advancement in technology and innovation from reaching new heights. To that end, enthusiasts in the field of science and technology are excited about what lies ahead in 2022 and beyond.

Lanre Basamta, Tech and Marketing Specialist says the lifting of the ban on Twitter in Nigeria is one of the biggest expectations for 2022. He disclosed this while speaking to the Tekes on the Techie Talk segment of Whaats Up Lagos. 

According to Lanre- who was fielding questions on Tech Predictions for 2022 – Nigeria continues to lose huge revenue for every hour the use of the social media app remains suspended in the country.

He said, “Whether or not we agree, Twitter is coming back. For every hour it is suspended, Nigeria loses about N103m and for every day it remains suspended, Nigeria loses N2.5bn, these figures are actually earnings from Nigerian content creators, media practitioners and value from commerce.”

“So this is big news for us all,” he added. 

However, that is not the only change to expect especially following the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

“An undeniable emergence of hybrid for our lifestyle” and the “emergence of live commerce” are other very important technological projections for the New Year, says Lanre.  
“Usually when people want to use media to gain greater access or leverage to people, they need to depend on influencers and celebrities, but what we are seeing now especially in China is that they don’t need those anymore. People want interactivity now and people with boisterous personality will gain attention,” explains Lanre.


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