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UAE's Visa Ban on Nigerians: Blame Our Youths -Caller

The United Arab Emirates' decision to issue a visa ban on Nigerians continues to split opinions.

The middle Eastern country on Friday announced the ban, adding that all submitted applications are rejected and fees non-refundable.

The notice, issued by the country's immigration authorities and to its trade partners in Nigeria, also includes travel agencies.

With no reason given for the ban, it further declared that all applications were on-hold until issues between both governments are resolved.

So, what next for Africa's most populous nation?

Sunny Side host Joyce Onyemuwa was interested to know the role Nigerians could have played in forcing the hammer of the UAE on the country. 

She also sought to find out the implication of the move on Nigerians. 

A caller believes this buck stops at the feet of Nigerian youths. 

For him, the urge to leave for greener pastures, and the subsequent lack of respect for the laws of another country cannot be overlooked.

"Though the government has a large share of the issues we are facing internationally, I will blame our youths", he began.

"Anthony Enahoro was around 29 when he clamoured for independence for Nigeria; so too Nnamdi Azikwe and Obafemi Awolowo; they didn't run away because of the oppression of the colonial masters."

"If we continue this way, Nigeria will fall flat on their (the youths) faces", warned the caller. 

For another caller, the ban changes nothing to end the dream of leaving the country.


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