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Ukraine-Russia Conflict: Nigeria Should Not Take Sides - Andrew Nevin

Chief Economist and Partner, West Africa Financial Services, Andrew S. Nevin PhD has warned (Nigeria) against being cajoled into taking sides in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Nevin sounded out this note of caution while speaking to Joyce Onyemuwa on the Sunny Side. 

Airing his thoughts on the significance, if any, of the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russia, for the rest of the world, he noted "it is not a global war."

He said, "For other nations, it is important that it (the rise of Europe post world war II and the extending of western labour values) isn't the narrative that you grow up with. Obviously, it is a big event and Nigeria's strategic interest are to be connectivity with all parts of the world, China, India, Russia, inclusive."

"I don't think necessarily Nigeria or African countries should be bullied into picking sides on this, unfortunately, that is the way the world is going."

So what should they do?

Watch video to get the rest of his commentary, especially on the consequences of the Russia-Ukraine conflict as it regards global inequality.


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