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We Don't Need Musicians at Rallies - Political Analyst

The primary objective of rallies in the build up to elections in Nigeria appears to have been defeated.

This is the position of political affairs analyst, Biodun Sowunmi who has also questioned the ideology and motive of politicians in the country.

Speaking to Mary-Ann Duke Okon and Stretch on Whaats Up Lagos, Biodun opined that in Nigeria's political space, "mudslinging" is now the corollary of/to what was obtainable in the 60s.

He said, "At that point in time in the 60s, we also have rallies where issues were discussed.

"People will be told what they (politicians) will do and how they will achieve it, what we have now is mudslinging."

He continued, "The very essence of politicking for politicians is not the truth; it is about election and power. 

"And whatever it takes to get power, they will do that through the electoral process. What they hardly like to talk about is the programmes; what will they do when the get there." 

Expatiating further on the differences in nature between rallies in times past and now, Biodun further questioned the presence of popular musicians at political rallies.   

A "choreographed" move he said has been "perfected" by politicians.

"At the end of the day, the ordinary folks are not allowed to hear the messages; and the elites that depend on the media hardly vote," he said. 

He explains more in the video. Click to watch.  


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