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What is Forgiveness: Absolution or Justice?

Forgiving and forgetting; these words are almost always used in the same sentence.

How relatable or dissimilar are they exactly?

For what it's worth though, there appears to be a ring to them. 

It is often said that the quickness and/or decision itself to forgive is largely based on the gravity of, and/or motive behind the hurt.

Hence, does that truly entail forgiveness? 

And then there is the little matter of 'consequences,' which are synonymous with actions; and when factored in, complicated, if not bewildering becomes the conversation.

What is forgiveness?

Joyce Onyemuwa desired to know the personal and universal definition, if any, of the word on the Sunny Side. 

She also sought to know if consequences play a role in defining what forgiveness is for both the one who was hurt and the one seeking absolution.

"Forgiveness separates the emotion from the event so that you no longer have any feelings towards the event," explains one caller.

However, he reckons justice is independent of forgiveness.

Another caller says "Forgiveness is a makeup to make one feel pacified."

True or a little far-fetched? 

Watch the video for their extensive analysis, as well as other commentaries on the subject. 


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