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What is The Place of A Woman? 

The call for gender equality and the need to break stereotypes in society, has once again been highlighted in the wake of this year's celebration of International Women's Day. 

One of such stereotypes is that "the place of a woman is in the kitchen," a notion that cannot change soon enough according to Joyce Onyemuwa.

The Sunny Side host, while speaking on the Language and Interpretation segment of the show, "contends" with the superimposition of arrogance on one gender by another. 

For her, the law of submission has clearly been misconstrued in relation to gender.

She said, "Arrogance suggests that the responsibility of cleaning and cooking is beneath another position, which is the one that the man occupies."

"If you suggest to me that there is something beneath you, then I couldn't touch that thing, because if it is beneath you, then it has to be beneath me." 

What then is the place of a woman, if there is to one to begin with? She asks. 

In their commentary, one caller thinks the problem is that "house chores and birthing of children is being seen as demeaning."

In whose view however: the men or the women?

For another caller, gender disparity is best explained by the creator of the universe.

"There is a reason why God created men to stand while urinating, and women to bend while doing same," he remarks.

Watch video for his full explanation, and Joyce's cross examination of that thought.




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