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What is Wrong with Nigerian Hospitals?

Good health; You can't really place enough premium on it.

As much as people go through life lapping up all of its sweetness, you bet they equally do their fair share of work in treating as invaluable the precious gift of good health. 

Afterall, health is wealth, right? Bet you already knew that. 

The disparity, if any, between private and public healthcare facilities in Nigeria is a huge source of concern.

While affordability readily comes to mind when the conversation comes up, the state of these facilities are not speedily given frequent thought. 

And the reasons for that are probably not legion. 

The feeling of not being in good health is uncomfortable, what's worse is not trusting the hospitals in whose hands you have placed the responsibility of getting you to be better. 

A rock and a hard place, you reckon.

On the Sunny Side, show host Joyce Onyemuwa sought to know what has gone wrong with the healthcare facilities in Nigeria. 

If any, is the problem structural or in personnel? She inquires. 

"I spoke to a doctor one time and he told me how overworked they are, he personally has had to run multiple shifts," Joyce narrated. 

She continued, "Usually it's due to manpower because there are not enough hands on deck. Maybe that's why the doctors are cranky and the nurses don't smile.

"People used to think nurses were witches because they were either unfair, cold, brash, rude and disregarding."

That's one fraction of the problem. 

For one caller, "what happens in our hospitals can be very, very crazy."

Sharing a personal experience, he reveals how he is suffering from one doctor's mistake.

Watch video for his story, as well as more personal experiences from callers.


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