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What You Should Know About Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a serious mental health condition that affects how people think, feel, and behave.

A senior psychiatrist at the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba, Dr. Tomi Alalade explains that people with schizophrenia are very likely to experience psychosis, including hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that aren't there). 

They are also susceptible to delusions (believing things that cannot be true).

Dr. Alalade told Sheriff Quadry on Morning Crossfire that people who experience schizophrenic hallucinations don't them up, even if it sounds crazy to other people. They are actually voices in their heads.

This mental health condition can also be characterised by gross disorganisation along with disorganised speech.

A person with schizophrenia is more likely to have it if one or both of their parents have it because the ailment is hereditary. Stressful life events can also contribute to schizophrenia.

Additionally, the psychiatrist discussed how people who suffer from symptoms of schizophrenia can be helped.

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