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Why Are Nigerians Leaving The Country? 

Greed is the biggest reason why Nigerians are seeking a better life anywhere but in the country. This is the position of a caller who sought to give flesh to the burning question on the motivation behind the mass exodus of citizens outside Africa’s most populous nation.

Speaking on the Sunny Side with Joyce Onyemuwa, the caller questioned the thirst for riches and lack of patience on the part of Nigerian youths. According to her, even the Bible revealed wealth is not for everyone. 

“Nigerian youths want to get rich quickly, that is why they cannot stay in their country. We all can never be rich, and there will always be poor people around, Jesus Christ said that.”

“They will go on to blame the government who cannot make everyone rich, they should be content with what they have,” she added. 

However, for another caller, the quest to get rich as a reason is only secondary to the ‘attractive illusion on the other side.’

She said, “The people who have left and returned don’t tell the truth of what they saw, hence the illusion (that life is better abroad) keeps multiplying, it is the human drive to be better.” 

So what then is it? The state failing to fulfil its function as a government or the average Nigerian mind?


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