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Why Call Off The Strike Now?: Callers Express Displeasure as ASUU Suspends Industrial Action

The Academic Staff Union Of Universities (ASUU) have officially announced the suspension of its eight-month strike action, which began on February 14,2022.

As stated in the official announcement, the suspension is "conditional" since the demands of lecturers have not been fully met, but all members of the union are required to return to work.

This news, however, wasn't welcomed by everyone.

On Friday's Daily Digest, host Wemimo Adewuni, heard the displeasure of some of these people.

The first, an anonymous caller, who is a Nigerian student said the strike should have been called off next year. This is because two semesters have already been completed and students will not have time to prepare for exams.

By calling off the strike, Ola, another caller, argues that the government is playing on the intelligence of Nigerian students.

He would have preferred the strike to be called off after the election so that people can "remain angry" and vote wisely at the polls next year.

Chinyere, the third caller, is a parent. The suspension of the strike is not good news to her because ”the students while at home have started some entrepreneurial engagement and returning back to school will alter the process."

Having agitated since February for an end to the strike, Wemimo Adewuni was left wondering what they really wanted.



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