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Why Men Should Not Pay Women for Sex Outside of Marriage in Nigeria

Since time immemorial, money and sex have enjoyed "cohabitation" of some sort.

For the sake of gratification of pleasure for one, men willingly exchanging money for sex with women, and vice versa, have become a norm. 

And despite the imposing figure of morals and religion being ever omnipresent, this trade and/or negotiation have continued to thrive. 

Like every other action in life, there are reasons fueling it regardless of its tenability. This is no exception.  

However, should it come to an end? Why? Maybe how too?

The next paragraph is probably the wildest thought you would ever hear stem out of the working mind of a functional human being; maybe the most unnecessary too, considering the current economic situation hounding the country, but it is something to at the very least grant contemplation. 

So here goes nothing.

How about a law in Nigeria that benefits the pleasure of men with little, much, or no consideration at all for women? Succinctly put, but still verbose, right?

Does "A law aimed at bucking the trend of women getting money from men who want to sleep with them" sound lighter, if not emotion-provoking? 

Well, the conceptualization for this law came in the wake of another criminal code recently passed in Indonesia which bans sex outside of marriage with a punishment of up to one year in jail.

Speaking on the Sunny Side with Joyce Onyemuwa, the caller who proposed this idea wants this in place because it will justly disrupt that whole societal arrangement that sees "women have sex with men without spending money but men have sex with women at a cost."

That though is not all that it will help ensure according to him. 

Click the video to watch him expatiate on this thought.


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