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Your Prophecy or Your Life? The Story of Anita

Spirituality, prophecies and common sense, where to draw the line?

This is the situation facing Anita (not her real name) who is torn between quitting a job where she is being maltreated and possibly save her life, and staying to keep hope of a future marriage based on a prophecy.

Anita accepted a job as a house help at the home of the son of the friend of her mum’s so she could go to school, but a Pastor’s prophecy- which predicts she would meet her future husband if she stays on the job- is preventing her from leaving despite the maltreatment she suffers. Sadly for Anita, her Mother holds on to the prophecy strongly. 

In his reaction, a caller said the matter should reported to Human Rights Commission on the grounds of domestic violence. He said, “Nobody needs to treat anyone badly regardless of their position or affluence in society.” 

Another caller who advised her to flee for her life had something to say about the prophecy. Watch video for the rest of the onversation.

So what should she do? Stay and fulfil the prophecy or leave?


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